Antsy Pants: Potty Training Genius

While I am on the topic of Potty Training I thought I would mention a few more of our favorite finds in this category.  Enter Antsy Pants.  Antsy pants are great for potty training! I discovered these pull-up style cloth training pants while on the hunt for an alternative to disposable training pants.  With every child that I have potty trained (I have done it 5 times and am on my 6th) I have tried a variety of different methods including disposable Pull-Ups, cloth training pants, bare bottoms, underwear and a combination of them all.  In my own experience and in talking to friends, I find that the best way to get a child to learn to use the potty early and quickly is to use cloth training pants. Children learn the difference between wet and dry early on with cloth and most children don’t like to feel wet.

Going straight to panties or underwear can be frustrating and messy for mom (or dad).  Antsy Pants are a great solution in my opinion.  They snap at the sides so they can easily be taken on or off for an accident but they also can be pulled up or down just like underwear.  Because they are absorbent they will allow the child to feel wet without leaks and messes on the floor.  If you plan to use them at night or for heavy wetters you can add a microfiber insert.

Antsy Pants are also great to use for swim diapers.  They come in boy, girl, or bright neutral colors. Antsy Pants end up saving you money in the long run versus buying disposable pull-ups.  For one thing, your child will probably train faster with cloth and not need them as long as they would need disposables. In my experience every single one of my kids treated disposable pull-ups just like a diaper.  They only really potty trained when I would put them in something that they could feel that they were wet.  I do like disposables for longer outings and trips but even Antsy Pants with the insert work well for that.  Just make sure you take along extras and a “wet bag” to hold the wet ones in until you get home to wash them.  Antsy Pants site has lots more info on the cost comparison and potty training tips.  Check them out!

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