Great Idea for Potty Training: Build-A-Bear Panties and Underwear

I have a great idea for potty training if potty training is anywhere in your near future.  Build-A-Bear not only has really cute stuffed animals that you can personalize but they sell underwear and panties for their animals.  It is helpful, when potty training, to have your child “teach” a stuffed animal or doll to go potty so that they get the idea themselves.  Build-A-Bear’s panties and underwear would be great to use while attempting this.  You can put the underwear on a favorite bear and have the child monitor to see if the bear stays dry.  If it stays dry the child can give the bear a treat.  You can even wet the underwear to show the child that the bear does not get a treat if it wets.  After you have your child teach the bear then you can use the same methods with your child.
Build-A-Bear outfits would also make great rewards for achieving potty training.  It could be a great incentive to your child to get a fun outfit once they (and their bear) can keep their underwear dry.  Build-A-Bear has a great variety of outfits from princesses to Star Wars to angels to Batman. I would suggest picking one out together with your child and then showing them that you are putting it away until they stay dry for a week.
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