Hello! SkinnyJeans Winner! & How to Get Your Own Pair for Over Half Off

So you guys really love Hello! Skinny Jeans don’t you?!  I got over 350 entries in this giveaway.  I SO wish I could giveaway more than one pair but I am really happy to announce a winner…

Congratulations to Kim M!!  She will be sporting some great new Hello! Skinny Jeans in the near future.  I promise you’ll love them Kim!

Now, if you didn’t happen to win but want to purchase some you can do so here.  IF you would like to get a pair but don’t have $178 to shell out, I just noticed that they put a bunch of pairs up on eBay that have minor imperfections that are barely noticeable.  The prices start at $50.  I would hurry though.  They have limited sizes and quantities. You can find the listings here.

Thank you for sharing!
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