#BestBuy All-In-One Touch Screen PC Blogger Party

I had a great opportunity Saturday to join host Tip Junkie (love her!) at the Best Buy All-In-One Touch PC Party.  It was a great time of connecting with other bloggers and checking out this really cool touch screen all-in-one PC by Gateway.  You saw that I said touch screen right?  Isn’t that cool?!  I asked how touch friendly it would be if my six kids were touching it all of the time.  I was assured it is pretty sturdy and could handle the prodding of 12 little hands (in moderation).

It was a fun computer to play with.  I really like the slim and sleek design.  I could find a spot right on my kitchen counter for this thing.  Because of the touch screen you have a choice of using it with or without the keyboard and that makes it even more space saving and appealing.  I am constantly having to leave the kitchen to go use the computer to look up recipes, add things to my calendar, check email, and many other tasks. With this computer I could have it all right there with me.

The screen on this 23″ Gateway ZX series All-In-One PC is amazing.  It displays photos and videos beautifully.  It’s large size makes it perfect for a slide show of your favorite pictures!

 Jamie & I

As I mentioned above I really enjoyed the chance to connect with other bloggers at this party.  I got to meet Connie from Smockity Frocks (she has 8 kids, homeschools, and blogs!), Christy from Devotion Mama, Missy from Lookie What I Did (she’s fabulously crafty), and Bobbi from When Did I Go From a Kid to Grown Up.  I also got to see the oh, so sweet, Jamie from Roubinek Reality who I am enjoying getting to know.  She is precious and has a beautiful family.  I’m pretty sure you’ll like her as much as I do when you read her blog.

Thanks for letting me share my experience.  It’s been a fun couple weeks of blogger parties for me in the DFW, Texas area.  You’ll see more about my experience with the Chevy Traverse here soon.

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  1. Kristin! So nice of you to say such sweet things! :) i had lots of fun and I am so enjoying getting to know you, too! Can't wait until we get to get together again. :)