SparkleHearts For Girls Full Size Set Giveaway

My girls and I are big fans of Sparklehearts for girls.  They had me at their fun, girly packaging that promises natural and organic ingredients.  Let’s face it, most girls like pretty, flowery, girly embellishments and Sparklehearts does a great job of delivering just that.  Lots of natural and organic products are a bit boring for girls because they often cannot compete with the eye candy of other products that are full of icky stuff. Sparklehearts, however, is safe for your skin and very appealing to the eye. Sparklehearts products do not contain any artificial colors, parabens, phthalates, or sulfates and the sweet scents they use are natural.

The scents are as sweet as the bottles promise. My girls love that Sparklehearts are just for them and I’ve noticed slightly more frequent showers once we started using it.

I also love to give Sparklehearts for Girls as gifts.  In fact I am going to be filling my girls stockings with them this year.

To purchase Sparklehearts Natural Beauty For Girls products you can visit their website. They have a great gift set for $13.99.  Or you can purchase the body lotion, body wash, shampoo, conditioner & detangler separately.

Enter with Rafflecopter for a chance to WIN a set of each of the Sparklehearts for girls full size products.  If you are reading this in email or on a mobile device you will need to go to the main site to see the entry form below.

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