31 Days to Becoming an Organized Mom

Welcome to 31 Days to Becoming an Organized Mom! I have decided to jump on the 31 days band wagon this month and join The Nester for 31 days of posts.  I’ve just been getting my feet wet lately with getting back to blogging but I am committing to dive in completely this month.

Why did I choose to do 31 days to Becoming an Organized Mom?  Because this has been pressing on my heart a lot lately.  I am not writing from the place of having everything organized but rather wanting to get there.  There have been lots of babies and toddlers in my house over the past 14 years and life seemed to speed past organized to barely holding on for a while.  But I know that being organized brings me so much peace and there is a balance between having grace for yourself and doing hard work.  I am desperately seeking the balance.

One day,  a couple weeks ago, I was driving in my car and thinking about the guests we would be having over in a few weeks.  I was thinking of all that I needed to get done before they came and how much work I would be doing.  It would probably mean some late nights and early mornings.  All of a sudden I felt very convicted.  “Why aren’t you willing to do all of that hard work for your family?  Do you realize that the message you are sending is that they are less important than any guest you might have?”  Ouch!!

This is the message I have been sending to my precious family for many years.  Yes, there is grace…they have TONS of grace for the sleepless nights and jam packed days, but this is not what I want to communicate to my family.  They are the most precious people in the world to me and they deserve being my priority and any ounce of hard work that it takes to provide a peaceful home for them.

So I am digging in and getting organized.  This month I will use these 31 days to prioritize and organize and share with you here my progress and processes.  I know that deep down inside there is a very organized woman who is very anxious to get out.  I know this because I had to lock her away years ago after my 4th child was born.

Would you like to join me?  I’ll be adding the posts each day to this page so you can read them all.

Day 1- Meal Planning with Pinterest

Day 2- Where to Start Getting Organized– Your Mindset

Day 3- Where to start Practically In Your Home

Day 4- Eliminating Distractions

Day 5- Dealing with Life’s Curveballs

Day 6- Controlling Clutter

Day 7- Don’t Forget to Rest

Day 8- The Voice you Listen to {a.k.a You are NOT Overwhelmed}

Day 9- Analyzing the Problem Spots and Finding Solutions

Day 10- Eat the Frog

Day 11- Planning Ahead

Day 12-Scary To Do Lists

Day 13-Resources to Get You Going

Day 14-Take Care of Yourself Too!

Day 15- What Are We Organizing? {This one could change everything!}

Day 16- Decluttering Tips

Day 17- Remembering Why We Do It

Day 18- Beauty Only

Day 19- Quick Tackle Something

Day 20- Shopping Smart

Day 21- Intentional Fun & Rest

Day 22- A Plan for Success

Day 23- Setting Goals to Stay Organized

Day 24- Helping Kids Help You

Day 25- Kids Checklist for Chores

Day 26- Scheduling Chores for Kids

Day 27- An Ideal Life

Day 28- Printable Chore Checklists for Kids

Day 29- Doing a bit of Dreaming

Day 30- Staying on Top of Laundry

Day 31- This. Just This!

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Kristin is happily married to her best friend and "momma" to 6 kids. She has twins in the mix and had them all in just 10 years. She loves to share what she has learned and encourage other moms that they are good at what they do and they will survive. She could talk for hours about blogging and social media, eating healthy & exciting products that makes moms lives a bit easier and more fun.


  1. I just found your blog and I’m excited to follow along! The part where you wrote about sending the message that your family is less important than guests…I feel like I do the same thing. Especially my husband, when he gets home from work! I’m off to read your first posts…
    Amanda @ The Fun Mommy recently posted..International Babywearing Week GIVEAWAY!My Profile

  2. Also, the link to day three just leads you back here. :)
    Amanda @ The Fun Mommy recently posted..Weekly Menu PlanMy Profile


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