And…She’s Back

Wow! You’re still here?  I’m thrilled that you are! I’ve been gone a while. I spent a lot of my time over the Summer months planning and preparing for The Declare {blogging} Conference, which went amazingly well and we are very excited to do it again next year!

The amazing Declare Conference team and I

I also spent the Summer doing some traveling to North Carolina for a reunion {of sorts} with my big family {I am 1 of 10 kids}.  It was so much fun and my kids had a blast with their cousins too.  Afterwards we headed to Florida to see more family and friends and go to Disney World.

7 of the 10 of my brother’s, sisters & I

We’ve taken each of our kids to Disney for their birthdays somewhere between ages 3 and 5 and the other kids love coming along too. We’ve found that going when they are closer to 5 is so much better.  They remember it better afterwards and are able to last longer during the day.  Of course they all conk out the second we get in the car at the end of the day.  It wasn’t quite her birthday yet but my youngest was a few months off from turning 5 and she loved it (I mean who doesn’t?!).

What a road trip with luggage for 8 people looks like

My kids have now gone back to school. We have 5 kids in 3 different schools this year and my hand already needs physical therapy from all of the paper work.  My youngest is still home with me and can’t wait until it is her turn to go to school.

I’m excited to kick off my return to blogging here with a giveaway.  Stay tuned for one coming up really soon!

How was your Summer?  Did you stay at home or travel somewhere with your family?



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