Cookie’s Kids Fashion Bargains

I love a good bargain and having 6 kids pretty much makes bargain shopping mandatory.  Recently I was browsing Cookie’s Kids Online Department Store for some winter clothing for my 4 year old for next year.  Now, she is a girly girl with the taste of a princess and loves anything frilly and feminine.  Shopping for her is usually fun but the kind of outfits she likes are often pricey.

I was really surprised at what I found for the money at Cookie’s Kids.  I was aiming to spend about $30 and I started out searching for girls dresses. I was pleasantly surprised as I found cute dresses like the one below for as little as $9.99.

Cookie’s Kids Dress

As I searched for the perfect outfits for my daughter I was excited to find that Cookie’s Kids has Hello Kitty and Disney Princess clothing too.  Both of which are favorites for her.  It took me a little while to decide what to get with so many choices.  There where quite a few different styles and looks that were great deals but I needed to stick to the budget. So, I was able to find 3 adorable outfits for just under $30.

Finding the right size was incredibly easy on Cookie’s Kids. I just clicked on the Alva Kids icon next to the size selection and entered my daughters information.  Once I had added the information my daughter’s size was already selected for each new item I viewed.  Super simple shopping if you ask me!

We anxiously awaited the package to arrive in the mail and when it came my daughter was thrilled to open it and see what I had found for her.  She was so excited with each outfit.  I got them in the next size up but she just had to try them all on and see what they looked like.

My daughter danced and twirled and giggled with her new outfits on.  Honestly it was difficult to get her to be still after she tried each one on.  She could hardly wait until daddy go home to show him all of her favorite new clothes.

She promptly picked the Princess outfit to wear for the day and had to hang the others up so she could wear them the following days.  I’ve had a hard time convincing her that the clothes were a little big and meant for next year.  I may just have to hide them away one day when she isn’t paying attention.

After shopping at Cookie’s Kids for cute girls clothes I also noticed that they have a nice selection of school uniforms.  I’m keeping my eye on them and hoping to find some good deals for next year.  I also think some of their boys suits are adorable and would be perfect for Easter coming up. They also have a great new Spring Line if you are getting ready for the warmer weather.

To find out more about my Cookie’s Kids shopping experience check out my Google+ Story.  Also, search #Cookieskids on twitter for more info and stories about Cookie’s Kids. If you are in NYC there are 7 Cookie’s Kids stores in Bronx, Brooklyn and Jamaica as well as their online store at

Do you shop for bargains online for the next season?  Have you ever shopped at Cookie’s Kids?

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Mouse Paint Book

Mouse Paint

Mouse Paint may possibly be my favorite little kids book.  My 4th daughter and I have read this together probably over 100 times.  She actually memorized it by the time she was 3 and would “read” it to me.  It is a really cute story about mice who are trying to avoid a cat and their adventure with colors and what the colors become when they are mixed with other colors.  It is educational and entertaining at the same time.  You can’t go wrong with this book or the other titles from Ellen Stoll Walsh.

Tickle Fest with Tickle Monster

Tickle Monster
While I am on the topic of books that bring about laughs I though of how big a hit the book Tickle Monster is in our home.  This book is super cute!  It is basically a guided tickle fest with your kids. My younger kids (23 months, 5, & 6) absolutely love it!  This is their most requested book right now and reading it through once in a sitting is not usually enough.  This book is so creatively written. It is sure to be a big hit for you too.
P.S. For an even funnier time with the book, get the mitts that go with it.  They are cute and add to the experience.

Constructive Eating Utensil Set: Permission To Play With Your Food

Constructive Eating ConstructionChildrens Plate for use with Constructive Eating Utensils

Do you know any little boy who wouldn’t love to play with his food with a bulldozer, fork lift and front loader?  This Constructive Eating Utensil Set gives them permission to do just that.  They come together as a set of 3 or individually as a bull dozer pusher, a fork lift fork and a front loader spoon.  My son received these as a gift when he was 3 and has used them for just about every meal since (he is now 5).  In fact there have even been some tears shed when they were still getting cleaned in the dishwasher. We just recently discovered that the company has a plate out that goes with the utensils.  We haven’t used it yet but it looks as if it would be a lot of fun.  It is a divided plate with a ramp and a place for the utensils to sit. Oh , and all of these products are PVC, phthalate, and BPA free.

Manhattan Toy Nursing Nina

Manhattan Toy makes some of our family’s favorite toys.  They come up with so many unique toys and stuffed animals.  I cannot get over the cuteness of some of the latest ones I have seen.  The Nursing Nina cat who is nursing 3 adorable kittens is one I love.  The kittens nurse and also detach for playing with them separately.  It is just too cute.  They also have dog and pig versions. These are for ages 3 and up.  Check out their site for other great gift ideas.