Great 1st Birthday Gift- LeapFrog My Pal Scout and Violet

LeapFrog My Pal VioletLeapFrog My Pal Scout
Here is a great 1st birthday gift idea for you: Leapfrog’s My Pal Violet and Scout are cute and fun. LeapFrog does a great job of making electronic educational toys that kids love to play with!  You can plug these puppies into your computer (cable and instructions included) to personalize them with your child’s favorite things.  They will say your child’s name, favorite color, favorite food, songs and much more.  You can press the night time button on the foot once to play music for 2 minutes, or twice for 5 minutes.  Violet was a big hit in our house and was the favorite stuffed animal that my youngest slept with for a couple years.  The recommended ages for this are 6 months to 3 years.

What Moms Love Weekly: For Moms, Babies & Kids

What Moms Love Weekly on Mommy Kudos is finally back after a break.  Let’s get right to the goodness:

This week I am loving: soft warm blankets on a cold winter’s day. Teen daughters that want to pour their hearts out until late at night and then really listen to words of advice. Pulling out hand-me-downs in the next size up and reminiscing about when the older daughter was this little. The last peppermint mocha before I am “better about eating healthy.”  How about you? What are you loving this week?

Here are some of my favorite finds this week for moms, babies and kids:

1. Just Between Us: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal for Girls and Their Moms– I LOVE this journal! If you have a daughter who is a preteen or teen then I highly recommend you get this journal, read the introduction and get started sharing with your daughter.  There are prompts and questions to answer for each other in the journal as well as free space to ask questions and pour your heart out.  You and your daughter can pass the book back and forth over time and make some special memories and get to know one another on a whole new level.  I wish this was out when I was growing up!

2. The NEW Boppy Pillow for nursing– I always loved having a Boppy for nursing.  From the first nursing session to the last it was a friend I kept close by.  When I saw the new and improved Boppy I was impressed with the thought they have put into it.  There are now two sides to it: the traditional, soft pillow side you know and love with Boppy AND the new firm cushion featuring contoured foam.  Best of all the whole thing is washable when you remove the foam insert! Another detail that is new is the adjustable belt that keeps the Boppy in place.  The belt is removable and there are inserts to hide away the clips.  I’m so happy that Boppy is making a great thing even better with this new Boppy Pillow!  It seems that these new pillows are not available just yet online but Boppy’s site says you can find them at Target and Babies R Us.

3. Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe– This book is such encouragement to moms with little ones! I cannot recommend it enough. Sarah Mae writes honestly about the struggles of motherhood from the perspective of someone who is going through it currently and then Sally Clarkson (a mom with grown children) takes a turn sharing advice and wisdom on how to make it through these hard days of mothering.  I found the book so refreshing and encouraging. Moms are raving about how this book is having a huge impact on their lives.  It has amazing ratings on Amazon and I highly recommend you read it!

4. Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Convertible Diaper Bag,Frolicking in Fez – I know this bag in these colors has been out for a few months but I keep seeing it and I just love the colors and pattern! Petunia Pickle Bottom bags are pricey for sure but the investment might be worth it for the long run, especially if you are just starting out and will need a diaper bag that will work with a boy or girl and perhaps through more than one baby. I would be happy to seen lugging this diaper bag around.  I may need to borrow a baby so that it doesn’t look weird though {wink}

Those are my favorites finds this week. Have you found anything that you love?

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What Moms Love Weekly

I love it when Fridays come quickly! This has been a fun week jumping on our new Springfree trampoline {did you enter to win one?}.  The kids have gone to bed worn out every night {smile}.  This week I am loving “I love you mommy” whispered from a toddler who makes it her favorite phrase of the week.  I am also loving teaching tweens life lessons that I know will help them long after they leave home, eating strawberries by the bowlful, yummy new smoothie recipes {recipe to come}, and a fresh haircut for a little boy that makes him look a little bigger {this one is bitter-sweet}.

How about you? What are you loving this week in your mom life?

Here are some favorite finds this week and the theme is baby.  Even though my youngest is 3, I cannot seem to get over baby things.  Love ‘Em!

1. phil&teds Nest Sleep System– Have ever wanted to leave the baby with Grandma for a bit or not have to take a big & bulky bed with you when you travel?  I sure have and I love the idea of this portable bed.  It has it’s won bag that you can bring along baby’s stuff in too and travels easily.  Sure wish I had one for all of our travels with baby in the past!!

2. aden + anais dribble bibs/burp clothes– I heart aden + anais swaddling blankets and now these dribble bibs.  These are great for the dribbliest of droolers.  They are so soft and snap around baby to cover them fully.  They also double as shields for moms shoulder when carrying around a bound-to-spit-up-when-you-least-expect-it baby. They come in a sweet assortment of baby friendly designs and colors.

3. Skip Hop ABC Zoo Activity Gym– I love Skip Hop products and this ABC Zoo Gym is too cute! There is so much for baby to look at and play with and this would be perfect for tummy time to build up those little baby muscles.

4. Jones Design Company Name Prints– Go ahead and ooh and ahh! These name prints are ADORABLE and so stylish for a modern baby nursery too.  I want one for each of my kids and I absolutely LOVE the damask cat print!  So sweet!

5. Bella Tunno Laminated Bib in Miss Thing– Baby bibs have come a long way from “I love my aunt” painted across the front. Bella Tunno makes some of the cutest laminated baby bibs with ribbon velcro neck closures.  The bibs have a pocket to catch stray peas that little ones might drop {they eat their peas right? Wink}.  I love this Miss Things bib but it’s a hard choice.  Since these bibs are so cute you won’t be so anxious to get it off baby to reveal the cute outfit underneath.


What Moms Love Weekly: Favorite Finds for Moms, Babies & Kids

This week started out not so great for me because I was sick and my husband was really sick. The week is ending well though and we are both better.  This week I am loving being prepared for next time mom gets sick, vacation planning, a little girl who says “oh, mommy I’m so sorry.” after acting up {made me smile}, free time to do something fun, and sweet friends being vulnerable and real.

Here are a few of my favorite finds this week for moms, babies and kids:

1. Finn + Emma Toys- O how I love soft, sweet baby toys and these Finn + Emma toys are even better because they are 100% organic. They are too cute! You’ll want to check out all of the different rattles, teethers, play gyms and more!

2. Finn + Emma Baby Clothing- I am also loving the 100% organic baby clothing from Finn + Emma. You can be sure your little one’s clothing is chemical free by choosing organic. I am in love with the designs for boys as they are very boyish with modern colors.  The girls clothing is very sweet and feminine.  I don’t think you can go wrong with Finn +Emma for baby gifts or for your own little one.

3. Little Girls Rompers- I could outfit my 3 year old in these all Summer! I love these easy one piece rompers that are so popular now. In fact, I remember them being a big deal when I was a kid.  They are light for hot days and perfect for play! They even dress up well! The red paisley one is from Gap and the plum colored one is by Tea Collection.

4. Land’s End Canvas Dresses– Speaking of Summer coming, Land’s End Canvas has some great dresses that are perfect for warmer weather.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love Land’s End Canvas?  I’m pretty sure I have.  They have cute, fresh and modern dresses that will look great on you.  Psst…Mother’s Day is coming up!! Maybe you should get a new dress for the occssion?!

How about you? What are you loving this week?  In case you missed it be sure to check out my guide to finding mom the perfect gift for Mother’s Day {Pass it on to your husband or kids}


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Hot Tot Haircare for Kids

So I had this problem.  I really have enjoyed styling my kids hair from the time they are little but it’s very hard to find products that are safe and work.  Since I know the dangers of parabens and all of the other chemicals that tend to be in hair care products, for both kids and adults, I couldn’t bring myself to using these products on my little ones hair. Just recently I came across Hot Tot Haircare for Kids and I was thrilled to find that they don’t have any of the yucky stuff (as I like to call it) in them and they are formulated specifically for babies and kids.

Megan, who came up with Hot Tot Haircare after having the same issues I had with other products for her own kids, offered to send me some samples to try out with my kids.  I agreed to try it and see if we liked it.


We tried out the Styling Gel on my son who loves to wear his hair spiky, and it worked well to hold the style in place and he said it “smells really good!”  

One of my daughters really liked the Structure Whip to hold curls in her hair and she also commented repeatedly about loving the scent of it.

Besides not having the harmful chemicals in it I believe that my favorite thing about Hot Tot haircare is the scent.  It is really a simple and sweet scent for babies and kids.  It is not too strong and perfume-like but subtle and very pleasant.

I don’t have a little baby anymore but I love the idea of the Sweet Pea Serum for babies.  It is light and is perfect for little baby curls.  My oldest had a full head of hair when she was born and I would have loved to have had this product for her when she was little.  My son also had ringlets that started at 9 months old and the Sweet Pea Serum would have been great for keeping them in place. If you have a little one, or an older one with fine hair, I would suggest you try this.  I’d love to know how you like it.

You can find out more about Hot Tot Haircare and their full product line here or follow them on twitter for updates.  You can also like them on Facebook.

Let me know if you try any of their products and what you think. I think you’ll agree that the scent is heavenly and they work great!

What is your biggest dilemma with your little one’s hair?