Mouse Paint Book

Mouse Paint

Mouse Paint may possibly be my favorite little kids book.  My 4th daughter and I have read this together probably over 100 times.  She actually memorized it by the time she was 3 and would “read” it to me.  It is a really cute story about mice who are trying to avoid a cat and their adventure with colors and what the colors become when they are mixed with other colors.  It is educational and entertaining at the same time.  You can’t go wrong with this book or the other titles from Ellen Stoll Walsh.

Tickle Fest with Tickle Monster

Tickle Monster
While I am on the topic of books that bring about laughs I though of how big a hit the book Tickle Monster is in our home.  This book is super cute!  It is basically a guided tickle fest with your kids. My younger kids (23 months, 5, & 6) absolutely love it!  This is their most requested book right now and reading it through once in a sitting is not usually enough.  This book is so creatively written. It is sure to be a big hit for you too.
P.S. For an even funnier time with the book, get the mitts that go with it.  They are cute and add to the experience.

Finger Puppet Books Make for Good Laughs

Little Ladybug: Finger Puppet Book (Finger Puppet Brd Bks)

I saw this cute book one day while I was on vacation and my 10 month old (at the time) who was with me just giggled with delight when I showed it to her.  It is the Little Ladybug: Finger Puppet Book.  The fact that the ladybug moved seemed to thrill her and tickle her funny bone all at once.  Now that she is almost 2 she still laughs every time I read the book to her and wiggle the ladybug. Even my 5 and 6 year olds enjoy this book.  I have found that there are other versions of this book such as Little Duck, Little Puppy, Little Bunny, Little Lion, Little Mouse, and several more.  They are all just as cute as the ladybug version.