Pretty Pushers: The Birthing Gown You’ll Be Happy to Put On

When you first arrive to the hospital to have a baby the first thing they do is tell you to change into a gown.  Whoever designed those hospital gowns must have had the goal of making them the most unattractive, unflattering, blandest form of clothing {if you can even call it that} ever.  As ugly as they are though, they serve a purpose.

I have given birth 6 times both in a hospital and a birth center. When I gave birth in a birthing center I honestly missed having a gown to put on.  After all, they have holes in all the right places and do make it easy to be poked, prodded and, well, give birth.

I Just recently came across Pretty Pushers.  No one was in the room but I actually found myself saying out loud “What a brilliant idea!”  I absolutely would have had one of these when I was pregnant to use in place of a hospital gown or the t-shirt I used at the birthing center.

 These beautiful gowns {I feel weird using the word beautiful when describing a birthing gown} have a frontal opening to allow for fetal monitors, a low-cut back to allow for epidural access if necessary and adjustable tie closures.  You can wear it and then dispose of it.  Read about why they recommend disposing of the gown after giving birth here.
 These gowns are 100% cotton and they even have an organic cotton version.  They start at $24 and go up to $44.  Check out Pretty Pushers to see all of the designs and to order.  Happy Pushing!