Unjunk Your Junk Food- Healthy Alternatives to Conventional Snacks

If you are a mom with the goal of eating healthy and feeding your family healthy foods then I have discovered a book that you will enjoy.  I recently read Unjunk Your Junk Food: Healthy Alternatives to Conventional Snacks and thought it was fantastic.  It it such a handy little book that informs you on the better choices to make when it comes to eating packaged foods.

We all want to pick the right foods but sometimes we just aren’t sure which ones are okay and which ones should be avoided.  You may have questions like “which oil is a healthier choice?” or “I know I should cut out white sugar but are other sugars okay?” This handy little book will show you how to decide what to eat and feed your family.

It is a very quick read and also a guide that you will want to keep to reference again and again.  The book is small enough for you to fit in your purse to take with you when you shop.

My family and I have been on a journey toward healthy, organic eating for the past 5 years and I was a little skeptical that I was going to agree with Unjunk Your Junk Food completely.  After all of my personal research I agree with the ideas that full fat dairy and meats are good for you and eating low fat is not necessarily healthy.  I tend to expect that many still believe that low (or no) fat diets are the way to go.  But this book actually shares research that I agree with on this topic.  They also explain sugars and which options are healthier.

If you ever spend time (precious time) standing in the grocery isles comparing labels to see which food might be a healthy choice then this book is for you.  If you want a quick guide to specific foods to look for when you shop then this book is for you.

I happily recommend you read this book.  Even if you know a good bit about nutrition you may discover some new things you never knew (I did). You can read more at Naturally Savvy (even read a sniplet of the book).  There’s lots of other great info on the site as well.

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of Unjunk Your Junk Food for free to review.  The opinions shared are my own and I only recommend what I use and love.


Taking Care of Yourself Tuesday: Feed Yourself Well

This week’s idea is pretty simple.  Feed yourself well.

I was the queen of seeing to my family’s needs and neglecting my own and that included eating.  I would get up before everyone else in the morning and get laundry going and breakfast ready for my family to sit down and enjoy it. Then I would get busy making lunches or cleaning up and wouldn’t actually sit down to eat until 9 or 10.  Lunch would be the same story.  I ate last and would eat whatever was quick and easy.

Big mistake!

I started having health issues (adrenal fatigue, hormone issues and handling stress very poorly) and one of the first things I found out was effecting me was not eating well and eating to support my body.  This meant eating within an hour of waking, eating lots of protein and eating every few hours.  My poor eating was largely contributing to my poor health which took me months to overcome.

"chinese" chicken salad

It can seem like just another thing to add to your busy schedule to plan healthy meals for yourself and to make sure you always have snacks ready but it is worth it!  You will feel better, probably look better, and have energy to do what you need to get done in a day.

Do you have experience with the difference of eating healthy vs. unhealthy as a mom? Care to share your story in the comments? What’s your favorite healthy snack tip?

P.S. If you need some help on what to eat I came across this eBook recently and am planning to purchase it myself.  It’s called Real {Fast} Food and it’s all about eating healthy without spending too much time on it.

real {fast} food

Jason’s Deli- Healthy and Family Friendly

My family loves Jason’s Deli!  I really hope that you have one near by that you can try.  My kids beg to go there at least once or twice a week.  I am glad that they like it so much because Jason’s Deli is one of the places that is making a real effort to have fresh, delicious and healthy food. They only serve food without trans fat, MSG, or high fructose corn syrup.  There are plenty of organic ingredients in their salad bar and they add more all the time. The only thing that you will find high fructose corn syrup in at Jason’s Deli is the sodas and they are even working on eliminating it from them as well.

The salad bar is fabulous enough by itself but there are plenty of other great tasting options as well. Mufflettas, Wraps, Soups, Pastas and Baked Potatoes are just a small example of their large menu.   Their portions are generous and filling.  Kids Meals have some organic side and drink options and are nitrate-free with no artificial colors or dyes.  Jason’s Deli really considers yours and your family’s health in all of their options.

To top it all off they have free self serve ice cream cups or cones for the end of your meal.  I think that is really why my kids love it so much. For me it is just refreshing to have a place to eat out where I am not worried about all of the unhealthy ingredients. Thanks Jason’s Deli, for giving this mom one less thing to worry about!