Quick Tip: Labels for Leftovers

How often do you pull leftovers out of the back of the fridge that you fully intended to eat and they have a layer of new green growth on them?  It can be so frustrating to waste food because you forget about it.

I discovered a very simple way to help with this problem.  I take brightly colored labels and write the name of the leftover item on them and then stick them where I can see it clearly on the side of the container.  This way you know what is in each container in the refrigerator and you won’t forget that you put it in there.  So when you ask yourself what you can eat for lunch and think you have to make something new you will see that there is leftover lasagna that you can eat. Now, if I can only get the kids to remember to use the labels when they put leftovers away…

Do you have a trick for identifying and remembering leftovers?

Creative Back to School Lunch Cuteness!

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