What Moms Love Weekly: For Moms, Babies & Kids

What Moms Love Weekly on Mommy Kudos is finally back after a break.  Let’s get right to the goodness:

This week I am loving: soft warm blankets on a cold winter’s day. Teen daughters that want to pour their hearts out until late at night and then really listen to words of advice. Pulling out hand-me-downs in the next size up and reminiscing about when the older daughter was this little. The last peppermint mocha before I am “better about eating healthy.”  How about you? What are you loving this week?

Here are some of my favorite finds this week for moms, babies and kids:

1. Just Between Us: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal for Girls and Their Moms– I LOVE this journal! If you have a daughter who is a preteen or teen then I highly recommend you get this journal, read the introduction and get started sharing with your daughter.  There are prompts and questions to answer for each other in the journal as well as free space to ask questions and pour your heart out.  You and your daughter can pass the book back and forth over time and make some special memories and get to know one another on a whole new level.  I wish this was out when I was growing up!

2. The NEW Boppy Pillow for nursing– I always loved having a Boppy for nursing.  From the first nursing session to the last it was a friend I kept close by.  When I saw the new and improved Boppy I was impressed with the thought they have put into it.  There are now two sides to it: the traditional, soft pillow side you know and love with Boppy AND the new firm cushion featuring contoured foam.  Best of all the whole thing is washable when you remove the foam insert! Another detail that is new is the adjustable belt that keeps the Boppy in place.  The belt is removable and there are inserts to hide away the clips.  I’m so happy that Boppy is making a great thing even better with this new Boppy Pillow!  It seems that these new pillows are not available just yet online but Boppy’s site says you can find them at Target and Babies R Us.

3. Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe– This book is such encouragement to moms with little ones! I cannot recommend it enough. Sarah Mae writes honestly about the struggles of motherhood from the perspective of someone who is going through it currently and then Sally Clarkson (a mom with grown children) takes a turn sharing advice and wisdom on how to make it through these hard days of mothering.  I found the book so refreshing and encouraging. Moms are raving about how this book is having a huge impact on their lives.  It has amazing ratings on Amazon and I highly recommend you read it!

4. Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Convertible Diaper Bag,Frolicking in Fez – I know this bag in these colors has been out for a few months but I keep seeing it and I just love the colors and pattern! Petunia Pickle Bottom bags are pricey for sure but the investment might be worth it for the long run, especially if you are just starting out and will need a diaper bag that will work with a boy or girl and perhaps through more than one baby. I would be happy to seen lugging this diaper bag around.  I may need to borrow a baby so that it doesn’t look weird though {wink}

Those are my favorites finds this week. Have you found anything that you love?

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What Moms Love: Weekly Linky

What do you love as a mom?  Snuggles, quiet moments, sweet scents and being organized are at the top of my list this week.  Here are a few finds that I am loving this week:

I heart this site!  It is my new favorite blog!  At iheart organizing you will find wonderful organizing tips, free printables and lots more!  A very Pin worthy site! ;o)

I have used and enjoyed a few Skip Hop diaper bags during my diapering days and I am loving the new Jonathan Adler designs.  They are so fashionable!
Giggle has this really cute Green Sprouts Owl Cool Calm Press. Use it to soothe little ones’ bumps & bruises.  It’s non-toxic, PVC-free, and even hypoallergenic.
Love & Toast makes some amazing natural bath and body products.  I am in love with the Mandarin Tea Perfume!  My tweens and teen also love these perfumes and I was happy to let them use them because they are light, fresh scents and Love & Toast uses great ingredients and leaves out the yucky stuff.  Try the Clementine Crush Body Lotion

Do you know of something moms would love to know about? Have a giveaway or a review on a product that you think moms will love?  Link up here. 

Favorite Gift Finds at BrookStone

I had the privilege a couple weeks ago of attending a blogger event at a local Brookstone store.  I always enjoy browsing Brookstone and checking out all of their latest items.  This time I went with Christmas gifts in mind and was on the hunt for what I thought would make great gifts.  Here are my top Brookstone gift recommendations:

I was impressed with this small wireless speaker that you can pair with your iPod or phone.  You can move this speaker around with you and listen to your favorite music.  It sounded great and is a great price at $99.99
This towel warmer sits in your bathroom and will warm up to 2 large bath towels in about 10 minutes.  Wouldn’t it be nice to step out of the shower on a cold morning to a nice warm towel?
 This cube of magnetic balls makes for addicting play.  You can make all kinds of shapes with these strong magnets.  This is a great gift for anyone who likes to create or build.

I got to try this out in Brookstone and thought this was really useful.  The body bean has an insert that you can heat up to use on sore or painful areas or just to warm you up.  It’s better than a hot water bottle. Plug it in for 15 minutes to heat it up, unplug it and it’s ready to use.

From what I understand these are pretty hot right now.  Teens and adults alike are flying these indoors and out with their iPads and iPhones as well as Android-based phones and tablets. The on-board cameras (one forward facing, one facing down) let you see in real time what the pilot sees as you complete complex flight maneuvers.  Oh, and if you get one, girls won’t be able to resist being near you as shown in the photo (sorry I couldn’t resist).
iConvert Video Converter

This caught  my eye because I have a basket full of old videos sitting around that really need to be converted to a digital format.  For only $99 I can convert old VHS, Beta, and other analog formats to digital SD memory cards.  Find this in a Brookstone store as I could not find it available online.

Have you ever watched a digital frame in person?  It is almost addicting to watch all of the pictures cycle through.  These make great presents for grandparents. Load them up with the best pictures of the grandkids and it’s ready to go.
Know someone who always has their laptop in their lap?  This e-Pad would make a great gift for them.  It  gives them a comfortable cushion and a flat surface to type on.  The e-Pad comes with speakers or without.
I received one of these as a gift from the blogger event I went to and I have really enjoyed using it.  It is made with the super soft n•a•p material and gently vibrates.  I find it to be very relaxing.   
Check out these great gifts and more at Brookstone online or in stores. Use code ELF25 and get 25% off online (thanks Kim!).