Great Idea for Potty Training: Build-A-Bear Panties and Underwear

I have a great idea for potty training if potty training is anywhere in your near future.  Build-A-Bear not only has really cute stuffed animals that you can personalize but they sell underwear and panties for their animals.  It is helpful, when potty training, to have your child “teach” a stuffed animal or doll to go potty so that they get the idea themselves.  Build-A-Bear’s panties and underwear would be great to use while attempting this.  You can put the underwear on a favorite bear and have the child monitor to see if the bear stays dry.  If it stays dry the child can give the bear a treat.  You can even wet the underwear to show the child that the bear does not get a treat if it wets.  After you have your child teach the bear then you can use the same methods with your child.
Build-A-Bear outfits would also make great rewards for achieving potty training.  It could be a great incentive to your child to get a fun outfit once they (and their bear) can keep their underwear dry.  Build-A-Bear has a great variety of outfits from princesses to Star Wars to angels to Batman. I would suggest picking one out together with your child and then showing them that you are putting it away until they stay dry for a week.

Crocodile Creek Playground Balls

Crocodile Creek has lots of different designs for each of their products and there is sure to be one that your little person would like.  We love the playground balls that they have.  The girls like the ballerinas and ladybugs and the fire truck and dinosaurs are a big hit with my little boy.  They come in two sizes, 5″ and 7″.  The 5″ balls are great for smaller kids with little hands while the 7″ size is good for any age.  These balls are textured so they are easy to grip and they bounce well. They are made of rubber and contain no PVC, latex or vinyl. These make a great gift because most every child likes to play with balls and you can pick a design that appeals to any child.

Skip*Hop Zoo Little Kid Backpacks

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack, Mouse
I just recently purchased this adorable backpack for my 23 month old after searching for one for a few weeks. I thought this one was really cute and it had great reviews. My daughter is getting to the age where we don’t need to lug around quite so many things for her and I wanted to down-size from her diaper bag. For each one of my kids, at about the age of 2, I have switched from a diaper bag to a small backpack for them. They enjoy being in charge of their own bag and it is one less thing that I have to lug around (unless, of course, they are tired of carrying it). This bag, and all of the Skip*Hop Little Kid Backpacks, are the perfect size for a toddler. They are not too big and bulky for them but they still have plenty of room for diapers or pull ups, wipes and a change of clothes (I would consider the weight of all that you pack in the backpack and try to keep it light for the sake of the child’s back).These packs come in several cute designs for boys or girls. I was very close to getting the owl which is adorable too. Another great feature of these bags is that they have an insulated pocket in the front for snacks or other items. The side mesh pocket it big enough for a bottle or sippy cup. They are BPA, Phthalate, and PVC free which is very important to me when choosing products for my children.

When we received this one in the mail, and I showed it to my daughter she was so excited. She actually hugged the thing and then proceeded to wear it around the house the rest of the day. She loves to wear it when we go out. When we get out of the car she always asks for her backpack. Skip*Hop makes matching lunch boxes too. They are just as cute and are next on our list.

Straw-lution Revolution

The other day my husband and I were sitting in a restaurant discussing how someone needs to invent a straw that will actually stay in a cup.  As we were talking our daughter was pulling her straw out of her cup and eventually dropped the straw on the floor. Every single one of my 6 children have done this as toddlers and it is always frustrating.  So, I came home that night and did a google search for straws that don’t come out of cups and I actually found this company that has taken on the toddler straw problem.
Straw-Lution straws are supposed to stay put in drinks and food containers.  You can toss them or reuse them and they are dishwasher safe. They are BPA free too.  I am going to try these out.  I am so excited for this solution to my straw frustration!