All About What Moms Love {A New Direction for Mommy Kudos}

Mommy Kudos is going through an overhaul of sorts. In case you couldn’t tell by my posts lately {about living a more organized and beautiful life} I have been thinking deeply about how to be an amazing mom and get everything done while living an intentional and beautiful life.

Mommy Kudos has been a place where I loved to share all of the great things I found that make moms lives easier and more fun.  But I have felt a shift over the past several months in my heart.  I have a desire to really, truly, make this space “all about what moms love” as my tagline says above.  So, I have really been considering what I, as a mom, love and what I know that other moms love too. I have created a list {the shortlist of what moms love} and will be working over the next month or two to transform Mommy Kudos to fit this new vision.  Here’s my list so you get a taste of what’s to come:

Moms Love:

  • Encouragement
  • Friendship & Community
  • Having a Purpose
  • Being Creative
  • Learning How to be a Great Mom
  • Getting and STAYING Organized
  • Great Finds for Moms, Babies & Kids that make life more fun, more beautiful and simple.
  • Getting Great Deals
  • Feeding their Families Healthy and Yummy Food
  • Practical, Everyday Advice for Moms {on everything from getting rid of diaper rash to how to discipline}

The list above is what Mommy Kudos is morphing into. It will be a space where you will find helpful posts about all of the above and more! I hope the thought of these changes is exciting to you.  I have known in my heart that a change needed to be made as I found myself more and more willing to write to encourage moms to live with eyes wide open to beauty.  If you’d like to watch the transformation of Mommy Kudos and be a part of it be sure to sign up to receive email updates.

A Purposeful Summer

The other day The Nester reminded me that we only have 18 Summers with our kids.  18?! Isn’t that a crazy thought?  Makes you want to be really intentional with them doesn’t it?  It pretty much confirmed for me what has been on my heart for the past few weeks and that is a Summer blogging break.

I will be taking the Summer off to focus on my little ones, all 6 of them {although some of them are not so little} and to do some behind the scene things around here and my other blog. I am working on shifting my other blog to a new blog and changing the name.  I also have 2 eBooks that I am finishing up.  One is for moms who have lost a child and the other is an expansion of a series I did on How to really Be a Good Mom {Letting Go of the Bad Mom Mentality}. I’ll be sure to let you know when they are out.

Another project I have going on here at Mommy Kudos is working on a local version of Mommy Kudos.  I happen to live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas and have been wanting to give out kudos to my favorite local places, activities and great stuff for moms, babies and kids.  So I will be finishing that site and linking to it here.

I do have some post coming up on Mommy Kudos this Summer while I am taking a break.  I get to share with you What {other} Moms Love!  I am excited about this new feature.  If you’d like to be a part and share on Mommy Kudos what you love as a mom then contact me for information.

While I’m away I’d love to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter! I’ll be chatting there about our Summer and adding more Summer Fun Ideas to the Pinterest Board.

Have a wonderful and purposeful Summer and I’ll see you back here soon!!


I’ve been wanting to do this

I love to discover new products that are helpful and make life a bit easier. I like to think of myself as a somewhat hip and on top of it momma (to six kiddos). I love to try out new things and even more than that I love to share those things with others, especially if I know it will make their lives just a bit easier. It’s always exciting to come across things that solve a problem, help make you more productive or that you just love. I really enjoy spending time to seek out cool and creative items.

So here is my plan: I am always thinking “Wouldn’t it be great if someone invented… (fill in the blank)?” So I’d like to review and feature the things that I find that I love and that my family uses and enjoys. Some of these things may be new inventions that I think are fabulous or older tried and true products that are great. Since I am always sending emails to friends and family about my finds I thought I would just start a blog about these things. I will start with some of my all time favorite finds and take it from there. This should be fun!