Great 1st Birthday Gift- LeapFrog My Pal Scout and Violet

LeapFrog My Pal VioletLeapFrog My Pal Scout
Here is a great 1st birthday gift idea for you: Leapfrog’s My Pal Violet and Scout are cute and fun. LeapFrog does a great job of making electronic educational toys that kids love to play with!  You can plug these puppies into your computer (cable and instructions included) to personalize them with your child’s favorite things.  They will say your child’s name, favorite color, favorite food, songs and much more.  You can press the night time button on the foot once to play music for 2 minutes, or twice for 5 minutes.  Violet was a big hit in our house and was the favorite stuffed animal that my youngest slept with for a couple years.  The recommended ages for this are 6 months to 3 years.

Cookie’s Kids Fashion Bargains

I love a good bargain and having 6 kids pretty much makes bargain shopping mandatory.  Recently I was browsing Cookie’s Kids Online Department Store for some winter clothing for my 4 year old for next year.  Now, she is a girly girl with the taste of a princess and loves anything frilly and feminine.  Shopping for her is usually fun but the kind of outfits she likes are often pricey.

I was really surprised at what I found for the money at Cookie’s Kids.  I was aiming to spend about $30 and I started out searching for girls dresses. I was pleasantly surprised as I found cute dresses like the one below for as little as $9.99.

Cookie’s Kids Dress

As I searched for the perfect outfits for my daughter I was excited to find that Cookie’s Kids has Hello Kitty and Disney Princess clothing too.  Both of which are favorites for her.  It took me a little while to decide what to get with so many choices.  There where quite a few different styles and looks that were great deals but I needed to stick to the budget. So, I was able to find 3 adorable outfits for just under $30.

Finding the right size was incredibly easy on Cookie’s Kids. I just clicked on the Alva Kids icon next to the size selection and entered my daughters information.  Once I had added the information my daughter’s size was already selected for each new item I viewed.  Super simple shopping if you ask me!

We anxiously awaited the package to arrive in the mail and when it came my daughter was thrilled to open it and see what I had found for her.  She was so excited with each outfit.  I got them in the next size up but she just had to try them all on and see what they looked like.

My daughter danced and twirled and giggled with her new outfits on.  Honestly it was difficult to get her to be still after she tried each one on.  She could hardly wait until daddy go home to show him all of her favorite new clothes.

She promptly picked the Princess outfit to wear for the day and had to hang the others up so she could wear them the following days.  I’ve had a hard time convincing her that the clothes were a little big and meant for next year.  I may just have to hide them away one day when she isn’t paying attention.

After shopping at Cookie’s Kids for cute girls clothes I also noticed that they have a nice selection of school uniforms.  I’m keeping my eye on them and hoping to find some good deals for next year.  I also think some of their boys suits are adorable and would be perfect for Easter coming up. They also have a great new Spring Line if you are getting ready for the warmer weather.

To find out more about my Cookie’s Kids shopping experience check out my Google+ Story.  Also, search #Cookieskids on twitter for more info and stories about Cookie’s Kids. If you are in NYC there are 7 Cookie’s Kids stores in Bronx, Brooklyn and Jamaica as well as their online store at

Do you shop for bargains online for the next season?  Have you ever shopped at Cookie’s Kids?

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Ribbies Clippies: Adorable Hair Clips for Little Girls {and a giveaway}

With 5 girls I have been through my fair share of hair styling battles. Little ones are the worst when it comes to sitting still and letting me do their hair.  When I got my hands on some Ribbies I was excited because these little clippies are crazy cute and so quick to put in.  Who needs a pony tail when you can pop in cute Ribbies in just a few seconds?
I am a hair bow and flower fan too but for little ones with finer hair sometimes the bow doesn’t make it out the door with us.  I’ll often find it on the floor because it fell out or in the car because it was easily pulled out.  That’s why I am loving Ribbies!  These adorable clippies have foam grip on them so they are not easily pulled out and won’t fall out!
Ribbies are great for older girls too.  I love this look of two clippies on one side!
There are SO many incredibly cute designs of Ribbies to choose from so you can have them match every outfit if you wish.  Or you can just pick a few simple designs to match almost everything.  My favorite set is the Zoe set (shown below) but it’s not an easy choice.
 If you’d like to get your hands on some Ribbies Clippies you can purchase them here.  Don’t forget to check out their headbands, clippie holders and pacifier clips as well.
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Antsy Pants: Potty Training Genius

While I am on the topic of Potty Training I thought I would mention a few more of our favorite finds in this category.  Enter Antsy Pants.  Antsy pants are great for potty training! I discovered these pull-up style cloth training pants while on the hunt for an alternative to disposable training pants.  With every child that I have potty trained (I have done it 5 times and am on my 6th) I have tried a variety of different methods including disposable Pull-Ups, cloth training pants, bare bottoms, underwear and a combination of them all.  In my own experience and in talking to friends, I find that the best way to get a child to learn to use the potty early and quickly is to use cloth training pants. Children learn the difference between wet and dry early on with cloth and most children don’t like to feel wet.

Going straight to panties or underwear can be frustrating and messy for mom (or dad).  Antsy Pants are a great solution in my opinion.  They snap at the sides so they can easily be taken on or off for an accident but they also can be pulled up or down just like underwear.  Because they are absorbent they will allow the child to feel wet without leaks and messes on the floor.  If you plan to use them at night or for heavy wetters you can add a microfiber insert.

Antsy Pants are also great to use for swim diapers.  They come in boy, girl, or bright neutral colors. Antsy Pants end up saving you money in the long run versus buying disposable pull-ups.  For one thing, your child will probably train faster with cloth and not need them as long as they would need disposables. In my experience every single one of my kids treated disposable pull-ups just like a diaper.  They only really potty trained when I would put them in something that they could feel that they were wet.  I do like disposables for longer outings and trips but even Antsy Pants with the insert work well for that.  Just make sure you take along extras and a “wet bag” to hold the wet ones in until you get home to wash them.  Antsy Pants site has lots more info on the cost comparison and potty training tips.  Check them out!

Great Idea for Potty Training: Build-A-Bear Panties and Underwear

I have a great idea for potty training if potty training is anywhere in your near future.  Build-A-Bear not only has really cute stuffed animals that you can personalize but they sell underwear and panties for their animals.  It is helpful, when potty training, to have your child “teach” a stuffed animal or doll to go potty so that they get the idea themselves.  Build-A-Bear’s panties and underwear would be great to use while attempting this.  You can put the underwear on a favorite bear and have the child monitor to see if the bear stays dry.  If it stays dry the child can give the bear a treat.  You can even wet the underwear to show the child that the bear does not get a treat if it wets.  After you have your child teach the bear then you can use the same methods with your child.
Build-A-Bear outfits would also make great rewards for achieving potty training.  It could be a great incentive to your child to get a fun outfit once they (and their bear) can keep their underwear dry.  Build-A-Bear has a great variety of outfits from princesses to Star Wars to angels to Batman. I would suggest picking one out together with your child and then showing them that you are putting it away until they stay dry for a week.