The Great Lands’ End Canvas Outfit that I Got to Wear to #Relevant11

I had a wonderful time at The Relevant Bloggers Conference this past weekend. It was an amazing time of connecting, learning, being encouraged and dreaming of all that is to come for Mommy Kudos.  I’ll be sure to share some of the great blogging tips and tricks I learned over the next couple weeks.

The reason I am writing today though is to finally share which outfit I wore from Lands’ End Canvas.  In cased you missed it Lands’ End Canvas Sponsored an outfit for me to wear at Relevant.  I wore the outfit on Friday and got some really great comments from the women at Relevant. My favorite was that I looked very classy.  I like to look classy but as a busy mom of 6 I don’t get that kind of comment very often.  Hmmm…maybe I need to invest a little more into my wardrobe from Lands’ End Canvas so I look classy a little more often?!

So here’s my outfit:

 First I wore the The Heritage Long Sleeve Crewneck in Gray Heather.  These long sleeved shirts are very soft and make great layering shirts!  I’ll wear mine again and again in different ways.

I just LOVED the Wool Hunting Jacket I got to wear.  It is incredibly versatile and can be worn with jeans, like I did, slacks or even a skirt.  Lands’ End Canvas has so many cute shirts that would go with it!  I loved the patches on the elbows of this jacket and the very flattering cut.  The back of it may possibly be cuter than the front. 

The jeans that I picked to wear were the Stretch Slim Leg Jeans.  I was surprised at how comfortable they were.  They are a higher rise than most jeans you can find these days (9 1/4″) which is what this mommy of 6 needs to cover stretched out places (you didn’t even know I had them did ya *wink*).

For accessories I chose the Patterned Wool Gauze Scarf in Orange Brick Print and the Aged Leather Belt in brown.  The scarf was a great pop of color for the outfit!  The belt was simple and classic and fit comfortably.

Last but certainly not least, I wore the Emerson Demi Wedge Boots.  These boots are so classy!  I wore them ALL DAY LONG and my feet didn’t hurt a bit at the end of the day. Now that is impressive!  They are really cute with the leather ankle strap. 

I hope you’ll think of Lands’ End Canvas next time you need a cute outfit!  I am pretty certain you will love their quality and style.  Remember that they have fantastic sales too!  Check them out and tell them Mommy Kudos sent ya!

My New Favorite Clothing Store: Lands’ End Canvas

Several months back I somehow stumbled across Lands’ End Canvas.  I cannot tell you the excitment I felt as I clicked through pages and pages of clothing that I loved!  The colors, the styles, the fashion, oh my!  I could hardly contain myself.  Fortunately my budget lent itself to a shopping spree at the moment and I ordered some of my favorites.

 I was thrilled to receive them and try everything on.  I half expected that the clothes would have looked great online but that I would have to return half of them because of the way that they fit.  Can you believe that every single item fit great?!  It really helps that on the site there are reviews from real people that talk about the fit of each item. 

A few weeks later I was shocked (jaw on the floor) to get a handwritten note in my mail box thanking me for my purchase and letting me know that they were there for any questions I had or anything I needed!  Really?!  Who does that?  That is amazing customer service and I knew I had stumbled on something great.

Since that time I have placed a couple more orders with Lands’ End Canvas.  Each time I get quality clothing for myself and/or my husband and I have not had to return anything yet.  If I ever found myself needing to make a return I am convinced that it would be an easy process.

The items I have purchased have held up beautifully through washing and are my favorite pieces in my wardrobe right now.  Each one is comforable and classy at the same time.

I must also share that Lands’ End Canvas has great sales too! The only problem with the sales is that I have found that some of the cutest stuff sells out very quickly when it is put up on the site. So don’t wait to get what you love or it may be gone. 

Do you love Lands’ End Canvas too?  What’s your favorite look from this this Fall?

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post.  I just love Lands’ End Canvas that much!