Seventh Generation Training Pants Are LORAX Approved {& a Giveaway!}

I’ve been a fan of Seventh Generation diapers since my youngest was was born. It’s been very important to me to use products that are free of chlorine, fragrance and petroleum-based lotions, especially on such sensitive parts as little bottoms. Seventh Generation diapers and training pants are “Free & Clear” of these things and are also hypo allergenic.

When it comes to potty training, I desire to use training pants that are easy to get on and off, are comfortable for my child and, of course, won’t leak. We’ve had great success with Seventh Generation training pants and I highly recommend them. They are perfect for when you are out and about and want to make sure to avoid accidents or when you are still night training. The sides tear off easily for quick (or messy) changes.

Right now The LORAX character is making an appearance on limited edition Seventh Generation diapers and training pants. Seventh Generation cares about sustainability and our environment just as much as The LORAX does. They make a great team!

Between now and May 25, when you purchase 3 specially-marked packages of Diapers, Training Pants, and/or Overnight Diapers, you can receive a FREE scrapbook! Visit Seventh Generation’s site for all of the details.

The LORAX is a great book to read with your kids. It’s a great story about the consequences of using up all of our resources and polluting our planet.  Once you’ve read the book (or perhaps before) check out the movie.  Our family really enjoyed it.

Now you have the chance to WIN One package of new Seventh Generation Free & Clear Training Pants AND A copy of Dr. Seuss’ The LORAX storybook. Enter by filling out the Rafflecopter form below (if you are viewing this in an email just click over to the the site to enter).

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Disclosure: I was sent Seventh Generation Pull Ups and the Lorax Book for free to review. The Seventh Generation Diapers prize pack, product and information have been provided by Seventh Generation through MyBlogSpark.

Antsy Pants: Potty Training Genius

While I am on the topic of Potty Training I thought I would mention a few more of our favorite finds in this category.  Enter Antsy Pants.  Antsy pants are great for potty training! I discovered these pull-up style cloth training pants while on the hunt for an alternative to disposable training pants.  With every child that I have potty trained (I have done it 5 times and am on my 6th) I have tried a variety of different methods including disposable Pull-Ups, cloth training pants, bare bottoms, underwear and a combination of them all.  In my own experience and in talking to friends, I find that the best way to get a child to learn to use the potty early and quickly is to use cloth training pants. Children learn the difference between wet and dry early on with cloth and most children don’t like to feel wet.

Going straight to panties or underwear can be frustrating and messy for mom (or dad).  Antsy Pants are a great solution in my opinion.  They snap at the sides so they can easily be taken on or off for an accident but they also can be pulled up or down just like underwear.  Because they are absorbent they will allow the child to feel wet without leaks and messes on the floor.  If you plan to use them at night or for heavy wetters you can add a microfiber insert.

Antsy Pants are also great to use for swim diapers.  They come in boy, girl, or bright neutral colors. Antsy Pants end up saving you money in the long run versus buying disposable pull-ups.  For one thing, your child will probably train faster with cloth and not need them as long as they would need disposables. In my experience every single one of my kids treated disposable pull-ups just like a diaper.  They only really potty trained when I would put them in something that they could feel that they were wet.  I do like disposables for longer outings and trips but even Antsy Pants with the insert work well for that.  Just make sure you take along extras and a “wet bag” to hold the wet ones in until you get home to wash them.  Antsy Pants site has lots more info on the cost comparison and potty training tips.  Check them out!

Great Idea for Potty Training: Build-A-Bear Panties and Underwear

I have a great idea for potty training if potty training is anywhere in your near future.  Build-A-Bear not only has really cute stuffed animals that you can personalize but they sell underwear and panties for their animals.  It is helpful, when potty training, to have your child “teach” a stuffed animal or doll to go potty so that they get the idea themselves.  Build-A-Bear’s panties and underwear would be great to use while attempting this.  You can put the underwear on a favorite bear and have the child monitor to see if the bear stays dry.  If it stays dry the child can give the bear a treat.  You can even wet the underwear to show the child that the bear does not get a treat if it wets.  After you have your child teach the bear then you can use the same methods with your child.
Build-A-Bear outfits would also make great rewards for achieving potty training.  It could be a great incentive to your child to get a fun outfit once they (and their bear) can keep their underwear dry.  Build-A-Bear has a great variety of outfits from princesses to Star Wars to angels to Batman. I would suggest picking one out together with your child and then showing them that you are putting it away until they stay dry for a week.